We're thrilled you're interested in joining Maven. You'll have a chance to get in early on the ground floor of a fast-growing company. We're looking for entrepreneurial, strategic doers who are passionate about shaping the future of education. Could that be you?

Our business is evolving fast so by the time you start the job, your role could have changed dramatically. Consider the roles below to be directional. We’re mainly looking for entrepreneurial generalists and end-to-end operators.

We're a fully remote company with employees in Toronto, Austin, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Anyone within 1 hour of US time zones is welcome.

The roles below will report directly to Wes Kao, co-founder of Maven.

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About Us

Maven, still early but earning revenue, helps anyone build a cohort-based course and deliver an incredible student experience at scale. Unlike small workshops or mass online classes, we integrate both live and asynchronous components to engage students without needing to scale up instructor time or support staff.

Our mission is to democratize education through cohort-based courses. Right now, many experts and creators don't have the team, budget, or bandwidth to create a high quality cohort-based course. Inspired by the simplicity and power of tools like Shopify & Substack, we are building a platform that enables the best instructors around the world to build the most engaging and interactive courses.

Who's a good fit?

Here's who we're looking for:

✨ Open roles

🚀 Course Strategy and Operations Lead

We're fortunate to have access to some of the world's top creators across Twitter, TikTok, Substack, YouTube, and more. The baseline pricing for Maven is 10% of course revenue to use our self-serve product, but instructors can opt-in for additional services for a 25% fee. This role is responsible for the 25% fee part of our business, which will offer a suite of Maven's add-on services to support instructors.